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Construction Updates from December 2016

Here's the latest update on our construction progress as we get ever closer to opening this brewery.

Since our last post back in July, the interior framing has now been completed. All of the interior walls have been covered with either tongue-and-groove pine or a coating of paint. With those improvements, the interior now looks almost finished. The floors have also been treated and finished as well as all of the electrical work and nearly all of the plumbing. We finally have the basic amenities of power (so we can turn on some lights) and water (so we can flush a toilet).

In the brewhouse, the equipment was placed back in early October and the glycol system was installed shortly afterwards. All of the wires, cables, and hoses have also been installed so that it is ready to turn on.

In the taproom, the bars have started to take shape with glazed plank wood tops which are halfway complete. The tap towers for serving beer have been installed and the beer lines are run all the way down to the basement where a cooler was assembled to hold the kegs of cold beer. The under-bar plumbing and cabinetry is next on our list to complete.

We continue to make progress on the building and brewery so that as soon as it all comes together we can begin serving our fantastic craft beer to you, our future customers.

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